Brawby Boogie - Music Workbook & Practice CD

This booklet and CD has been written by Snake and provides a workshop in simple melodic, jazzy, soulful playing.

This piece features in many of Snakes workshops. It is a happy simple Latin-influenced piece which works well for most instruments.

B flat major concert (for flutes, keys, guitar, etc)

C major for tenor sax, soprano sax, clarinet and trumpet

G major for alto sax and baritone sax

The workbook includes instructions, a CD and music scores. It enables students with different instruments to perform the tune together.

A choice of buying options:-

  • CdBaby - Ships from the USA

  • Direct from artist - ships from the UK. Price includes post and packing:-
  • UK £12
  • Europe £13
  • Rest of the World £14


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Classic Sax Solo Tour


The Classic Sax Solo album arrives on Monday 8th February and will be available here as well as at performances. You can now order your copy - click on the store and you will find it there.

The official release date is 2nd March when it will be available through all the normal outlets.

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