Frangible by Paul Birchall - CD

Keyboard player and Snakes main co-writer/producer Birchy has sent his new album “Frangible” to press. A lover of Prog Rock and influenced by Emerson Lake and Palmer, you can listen to extracts of Frangible through CdBaby, YouTube and his own website linked below. Frangible deals with the fragility of the human mind and body via many musical genres including Electro, Garage, blues and pop, with layers of fresh ideas. This album is Paul Birchall telling it as it is. The change of direction from his band Combination Head will be a shock (though not in a bad way), make you smile and at times laugh out loud. Click on the "Available from CdBaby" heading to buy now

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    Swainby Village Hall,  Swainby
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    Danby Village Hall,  Danby
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    Sold Out Burnsall Village Hall,  Burnsall
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    NCEM,  York
  • Apr 28
    The Georgian Theatre Royal,  Richmond

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