Make It Sing - Tuition DVD

Would you like a better sound, a bigger sound, more control? Do you struggle to play quiet low notes? What good is a great finger technique if it's not supported by a fantastic sound - the notes won't mean anything.

On this DVD Snake Davis demonstrates new exercises to improve the tone quality and overall control of any player. Suitable for all levels. Includes posture, breathing, the Zen note and vocal tone.

Demonstrated on alto and tenor saxophones but easily applies to any wind instrument.

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  • UK £12
  • Europe £13
  • Rest of the World £14

Forthcoming Events

  • Jun 22
    Grassington Festival The Square,  Grassington
  • Jun 22
    Grassington Festival Festival Hall,  Grassington
  • Jun 25
    Haverhill Arts Centre,  Haverhill
  • Jul 1
    The Kirkgate Centre,  Cockermouth
  • Jul 7
    Theatre Royal,  York

Classic Sax Solo Tour


The Classic Sax Solo album arrives on Monday 8th February and will be available here as well as at performances. You can now order your copy - click on the store and you will find it there.

The official release date is 2nd March when it will be available through all the normal outlets.

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