Join us for our 100th Livestream ……. 

The Zen Den crew are planning the 100th live stream, which we believe will fall somewhere from the end of December to the first week of January.  While you can’t be physically there, we’d like you to join with us on screen. We aim to start the show with a series of video clips (pieced together by Joe) of our lovely fans listening to the title track of Time Stands Still while carrying out their normal business and we’d love it if as many people as possible join in. 

To participate, we would need you to record a short video clip on a phone or other device, not longer than 20 seconds. You might be pulling a pint, baking scones, practising yoga moves, taking a snooker shot, lighting the candles in the church, getting your kayak ready for your trip, pouring a gin and tonic, gardening, writing a haiku, for example. We’re happy to see pets too; a dancing parrot, a cool cat, a chic dog etc.. 

We can’t promise to use them all, but we’ll use as many as we can and we’ll snatch what we need from the clip so the whole 20 seconds might not be used. We also hope to add a name – whatever name you like of course – your chat name, your real name, just your first name, something else (or nothing if you’d prefer). Please confirm what name to use and remember that this can be seen by anyone. 

The key points are:- 

The video is recorded in landscape (as opposed to portrait) 
That we can hear the title track Time Stands Still in the background 
The video is not longer than 20 seconds 

Please do not email the video to us. It can be sent via a free file transfer service such as Google Drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc..  We need to receive your video clip by the 11th December. Clips received after this date may not be included. Here’s to the next 100!

Snakejam 1 

A bit of fun. A collaboration between Snake, his musicians and you guys. Leonard Cohen's ‘Hallelujah’. Download the backing track and some music from below, video yourself playing or singing along to it, Snake and Joe will then edit it all together and air it on the YouTube livestream when it's ready, for the 100th show we hope. It doesn’t matter if you can’t read music, you can do it ‘by ear’.. Team up and do it in 2s or even 3s if you like..

Let's move to the beat? go right first...

Get your offerings to us by Monday December 14th please

Give us your names, how you'd like them to appear in the credits, unless you wish to remain anonymous of course.


No. 1, it’s for fun. Enjoy it. Don’t stress about any mistakes, they’re part of life, I can fix them in the mix. 
Use headphones please so that i get nice clean audio of you only. Give me audio and video together if poss, separate them if you need to though. Film in landscape if possible.

I need you to match my 2 claps on the intro, to keep us all in-sync. I count '1,2,3,4,5,6, - join in with me on ‘4,5,6’ if you like but more essentially hit those 2 claps with me precisely. 
Send your parts back via or whatever suits. Wetransfer invites you to set up a free account but you don't need to. It's free of charge. Use this email address  please.
Other methods include Google drive, Dropbox. (or WhatsApp but length restricted maybe?)

Notes to sax players... 

Altos, tenors, If your first name begins A to M go low, N to Z take the high part. 

This won’t tax your fingering or sight reading, it’s easy-easy, the challenge is in the dynamics, and in achieving a full warm tone even at mp. Please really take care over the swells on the intro and in section D and the gradual crescendo in letter B and E 

Notes to singers. 
I’d just like one part from each of you. 
This is a brand new venture so I’m feeling my way, just kinda hoping that guys will go for lower parts, gals higher, and that those among you who are more used to singing harmonies will grab an inside part or the high one that comes in only on the end choruses. I’ve done a ‘vocal loud’ mix so that you can pick em out. (I sound like a dodgy one-man male voice choir)