Great to be out of Tokyo, first port is Toyama, West Coast, ‘Gateway to the Northern Alps’ There are indeed fine mountains to be spotted beyond the urban sprawl. And the air is clearer.
‘Production rehearsals’ today, ie in situ at the first venue, an imposing cold 12,000 seater ‘gymnasium’ with the sound and lights all set up.

I love my walk to work and back. Couple of miles, down a river, and although it’s flowing through urban sprawl it has interesting foreign looking ducks and grey and white heron.
I discovered the Rakusuitei Gardens, a smallish but wonderful non-famous garden attached to an art museum. Wonderful. I don’t understand how they keep it going, I stayed an hour and a bit and was the only person there. How do the  gardeners wages get paid? I've posted some pics over on the Facebook page @snakedavis


Landed in Tokyo a few days ago and now full steam ahead with rehearsals. Except today, we got an extra day off, grid-locked roads due to The Emporers Parade, Half hour trip in an open top car, no-one can get to work around here. Shows coming up in Toyama, Sapporo, Sendai, Hamamatsu, Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo. Looking forward to new discoveries. Even though I’ve been  here many times there’s always something fresh. And old favourites,  temples, gardens, Ramen noodles and Sushi. Here's todays Ramen..

Japan looms again, off i go to join the band of a big Japanese Rock Star. I do love Japan and it's always exciting to tour there but i don't like this build up period. As i type my passport with work visa is late back from the embassy, and every day i'm receiving changes to the set list. Plus working out how to transport my saxes. Each year i think i might come up with a more cunning way. His shows are BIG! Watching the rugby last weekend, at Yokohama Stadium, half way through the match i remembered that i'd played there too, on that occasion the 70,000 audience were on the pitch and i was on stage with Eikichi.

Making the most of my last few days on home turf though, lovely gigs almost till the day i fly off. Had a wonderful run of shows with my buddy Gareth Moulton, the last 3 were on the same day. Hull Truck sold out so we added a matinee, that sold out so we added a 1.00 lunchtime show. We survived and enjoyed ourselves. Food for thought, more matinees maybe?

I'm starting to think about my next solo show, at my lovely 'local' Ropery Hall... completely solo that is, although i bring my whole family of instruments, 12 of em if i've counted correctly, to keep me company.. The newest one is an unusual beastie, a Hand Pan. For once something i dont blow, its a multi-pitched metal drum. Quite unusual looking, its been likened to a wok, or a spaceship. Couple of days ago i was playing for some lovely primary school children, one of them stuck his hand us.. 'Mr. Snake, it looks like an apple pie'! I see what he means.

Big News now, our first Trio CD, with Johnny Thirkell and Mark Creswell, is recorded, mixed, mastered, at the pressing plant and will be on sale in a few weeks time.

We played Shrewsbury folk Fest a week ago, as BOP3 with Dave and Helen. I've played loads of festivals but never camped over before. Always 'in and out' usually by car, although having arrived at Alton Towers with a police escort we then left by helicopter. I borrowed a small tent from a neighbor and packed a sheet and a blanket. 'Surely it wont get cold overnight in August' i thought. the others laughed at my naïvety and lent me a sleeping bag. I was very glad of it. That was our biggest BOP gig ever, playing to over 1000 in the Pengwyrn tent. Then we went off to our smallest ever gig, the divine Cobbles and Clay in Haworth.

The night before Shreswbury i played another new-to-me venue, Victoria Hall in Grange over Sand, with Chris Bannister. That's a lovely gig and fab spot.

Lots of juicy shows over the next 2 months before heading East for a few weeks in Japan with the 'Boss' Eikichi Yazawa. Nearly all the different combos get an airing. This weekend i say farewell to The Colin Holt Band, after many fun guest appearances over the last decade. The 2 shows sold out so we added a Saturday Matinee. Same thing happened for Hull Truck Oct 26, matinee is on sale. Start of a trend? Hope so!

The summer months often see theatres close their doors for a summer recess, however this doesn't mean it all goes quiet for musicians. Snake joined the Woman to Woman tour for their last few dates including the finale in Cardiff. With a fabulous vibe backstage, he enjoyed catching up with Beverley, Julie, Jude and fellow musicians.

The Halifax performance with the Steeton Male Voice Choir was a resounding success - everyone saying what a thoroughly entertaining evening it was. Another couple of duo shows, one with Chris Bannister and one with Gareth Moulton, both of whom share the Classic Sax Solo tour singing role. These shows are also proving to be very successful, the performance with Gareth at the Hull Truck on 26th October sold out so quickly, they added an early evening matinee. If you missed out, there is now a 4pm performance too. We know that some people prefer an earlier start time, so it'd be great to see if this is popular. Sunday performances in Japan are also early evening; great if you have work the next day..... or just want to go for a cheeky drink afterwards. Maybe we should follow in their footsteps?

Lots of new shows are being added that missed the 2nd edition brochure. We'll be updating the website soon, so keep a look out for them.

The Snake Davis Band will be at the FEVA festival in Knaresborough (on the Thursday) and BoP3 will be at the Shrewsbury Folk Festival. A couple more Chris Bannister duos coming up soon too. Lots of variety. Something for everyone.

Last week Snake joined the fabulous trumpet player, Steve Walker, for two nights at the Riverhead Theatre in Louth with his Big Swing Band. A truly entertaining evening (Steve is a bit of a legend with his jokes) the band were on top form and the closing rendition of Wonderful World was a real highlight of the show - beautifully performed.

The Blackpool Northern Soul Festival is this weekend. Snake is busy with the last pieces of homework before he joins the rest of the musicians in rehearsals. It's always a fabulous atmosphere at these events and we highly recommend them.

There is a special concert next weekend at the church in Gainsborough to celebrate the anniversary of the rebuilding of this large Lincolnshire Church. All ages are welcome and encouraged.

We've just sent our 2nd Edition Snake Davis gig listing brochure to the printers. It takes just over a week to be printed, folded, stapled and returned to us. At that point, all on the Snakey team are drafted in to help print envelopes, stuff, seal and haul the brochures to the post office. 

They should be landing on door mats in about 2 weeks time. If you don't get a copy and would like one, let us know email here or if you'd like more than one copy.

If you're happy to see a digital version, it's available now - just click on the "Brochures, Posters and Leaflets" page of this website.

We look forward to welcoming you to a gig soon.

We have a fantastic collection of wonderful venues that we return to year after year, that's just the way we like it and long may it last. Then every now and then we discover new ones, two in a row this weekend. We played Bramham Village Hall and Glusburn Arts Centre. Both in Yorkhire, and both villages i'd never been to before, even though i lived in Yorkshire for over 20 years. It's a big county! Sometimes we discover new venues when you guys suggest them, we always welcome a 'why dont you come and play at xxxxx?' We'll then give it a go! We'll always give it a go.

I did a rain dance a couple of days ago because my Acers were looking SO thirsty and my pond was shrinking. It worked, the rains came, but the blessing was mixed, some of the rain fell on trees and ponds, some came through the house roof and dripped into the kitchen. Never mind eh!

Had a quick trip to Japan at the end of March, just 5 nights, 2 shows, with Swing out Sister. What lovely folks they are, I worked with them loads in the 90s, this was like a reunion, more reminiscing than playing. We caught the very start of the Cherry blossom season, massive deal to the Japanese, a photo of the first sighting made the national papers. Our UK blossom has seemed more impressive than ever to me this year, or is it that i'm finely tuned to it after Japan?

Lovely tour of Village Halls and arts Centres with BOP3 after that, part tour part walking holiday we joked, as we climbed lovely Blencathra in Cumbria and walked a beautiful short coastal section of the Cleveland Way over near Scarborough.

Then a gig over Easter that i could walk to, my buddies the Mons Wheeler Band played the Nags Head in our village and i blew along with them all night. Sweet-voiced Mons hails from Co. Armagh and his fine musicians are from Glasgow. 'Give snake a big cheer, he's doing this for nothing' quipped the quick-witted Mons. A good time was had.

Online ticket sales for BoP3 at Thirsk Town Hall on Friday 4th October are now available. You can also buy them at the upcoming BoP3 gigs over the next two weeks (pease bring cash or cheque if you wish to purchase at gigs as we do not have a card machine). Tickets will be available locally soon.

Thirsk tickets online sales:- 

Snake returned from a week in Japan with Swing Out Sister - performing at a couple of festivals. With his ever increasing knowledge of Japan, the time off soon became trips out with Snake San Tours. Once back in the Uk he was straight into rehearsals for his monthly Ropewalk Sax on Sunday sessions at Barton upon Humber. This months guest being Gareth Moulton; a packed house and a fabulous set  - next months guest is Helen Watson and Pat McCarthy will be the guest on the 26th May. (See gigs page for further details)

 Thursday sees the start of a mini BoP3 tour with Snake, Helen Watson and Dave Bowie - not many tickets left for these shows, so act quickly if you want to secure a seat.

Snake joined Instagram this week SnakeDavisSax - it'd be great if you followed him. If you already follow him on twitter, you'll know that you get sneaky Snakey peeks to life off stage .... and his a pretty good photographer too.

Lots of work is going on behind the scenes for the first ever Horn Camp. If you know a trumpet player who might be interested in a week in Grenada learning with Snake and the incredible Johnny Thirkell, point them in this direction (see details on the Horn Camp page). Saxophonists welcome too of course!

Snake fans have been given a special privilege of early access to tickets for the Snake Davis Band performance at the FEVA Festival in Knaresborough. Details on the gig page or click here for the link.

Snake has been busy with recording sessions in the last two weeks as well as working with music students at Huddersfield University. We met lots of new people last Saturday at the show in Goole Junction and hope we'll see them at another gig before too long.

This week Snake will be locked into rehearsals for a short trip to Japan with Swing Out Sister, performing at a couple of festivals. The Classic Sax Solos show rolls into Middlesbrough on Friday and then a mix of Classic Sax Solos and the Snake Davis Band return to Halifax on Saturday. Only 3 tickets left for that show.

Louth is a favourite destination and we’re really happy to have 2 very different visits new in the diary, the Trio play St James Church in May then Snakey guests with Steve Walkers Big Swing Band in June at The Riverhead. If you’ve never visited Louth, or even Lincolnshire, this is a charming market town with historical buildings, unique shops and is situated on the Lincolnshire Wolds at the edge of Hubbards Hills - perfect for foodies, walkers, historians, explorers and of course Snakey fans!


It's been a variety packed weekend of shows. The new trio with Johnny Thirkell and Mark Creswell in the warm and intimate venues at Terrington and Wakefield. Travelling to Clitheroe for the Classic Sax Solos show on Saturday with yet another packed house. Finally to Barton for the duo with fabulous Simon Goulding on Sunday, what an amazing night. Lots of requests to do the duo line up again and great to hear Snake play so many pieces on flute too. We hope you all got home safely in the thick fog that descended.

Snake is back on the road with the 4 piece at "Junction" in Goole on Saturday 9th March. The sound is always spot on in this venue, with great seating and lovely staff...... click here for info.

The greatest gift for the musicians and back room staff is when we hear some of the lovely comments that are sent our way. This made us smile today and makes it all worthwhile.

"Thanks Snake and your mates for Friday evening at was wonderful to be transported to a different world outside of work for a few hours"

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