Downloadable document to help with stage nerves and anxiety Stage_fright_performance_nerves._Snake_Davis.pdf” - Snake Davis

— Stage Fright

We're aiming to produce a series of videos with Snake. They won't all be for saxophonists. This first video could be for anyone at all, in fact the exercise helped me when I was undergoing chemo and I struggled with a severe shortness of breath. I'm now able to take deeper and longer breaths than I ever have.   Stick with it, as Snake always says "practice, practice, practice" and you'll really notice a difference.” - Snake Davis

Video on Breathing Techniques

The first video concentrating on how to play better sax solos.” - Snake Davis

How to play better sax solos

The second video giving hints and tips on how to play better sax solos” - Snake Davis

How to play better sax solos (2)

Notes for students from the masterclass in October 2016 Play_Better_Sax_Solos_students_copy.pdf” - Snake Davis

— Play Better Sax Solos - Student Notes

Workshop Notes from the Snake Davis Masterclass at in October 2016 Soloing_Getting_started_getting_better.pdf” - Snake Davis

— Solos - Getting started; Getting Better

Simple backing track in F major (D for alto/bari-G for tenor/soprano) Useful for the drills in 'Play better sax solos' Youre_the_One_Edit-_in_F.mp3 Right click to download” - Snake Davis

— You're The One Backing track

A one chord groove used in my 'how to play better sax solos' youtube videos. to get going with it try this.. For alto A blues scale, a c d e♭e g a For tenor D blues scale d f g g#a c d snake_C7_back_track.mp3 Right click to download” - Snake Davis

— snake Backing track C7

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