Miscellanious exercises and resources

snake-like-weaving-patterns.pdf As described. Try them at different speeds, swung and straight. 79 KB
play-better-sax-solos-pdf.pdf 25 drills for improving your improvising skills 53.2 KB

Dragonfly resources

dragonfly-workshop-Eb-chords-and-scales.pdf Chord and scale exercises to work with for 'Dragonfly' 42.9 KB
dragonfly-workshop-Bb-chords-and-scales.pdf Chord and scale exercises for 'Dragonfly' 42.2 KB

Dragonfly workshop

Dragonfly Bb For Sax clinic, soloing workshop 56.6 KB

Dragonfly Backing Track

Spicing Up. Expressive techniques Downloadable document 56.5 KB
  Downloadable document to help with stage nerves and anxiety Stage_fright_performance_nerves._Snake_Davis.pdf” - Snake Davis

— Stage Fright

We're aiming to produce a series of videos with Snake. They won't all be for saxophonists. This first video could be for anyone at all, in fact the exercise helped me when I was undergoing chemo and I struggled with a severe shortness of breath. I'm now able to take deeper and longer breaths than I ever have.   Stick with it, as Snake always says "practice, practice, practice" and you'll really notice a difference.” - Snake Davis

Video on Breathing Techniques

The first video concentrating on how to play better sax solos.” - Snake Davis

How to play better sax solos

The second video giving hints and tips on how to play better sax solos” - Snake Davis

How to play better sax solos (2)

Workshop Notes from the Snake Davis Masterclass at  Sax.co.uk in October 2016 Soloing_Getting_started_getting_better.pdf” - Snake Davis

— Solos - Getting started; Getting Better

Simple backing track in F major (D for alto/bari-G for tenor/soprano) Useful for the drills in 'Play better sax solos' Youre_the_One_Edit-_in_F.mp3 Right click to download” - Snake Davis

— You're The One Backing track