New venues and water

We have a fantastic collection of wonderful venues that we return to year after year, that's just the way we like it and long may it last. Then every now and then we discover new ones, two in a row this weekend. We played Bramham Village Hall and Glusburn Arts Centre. Both in Yorkhire, and both villages i'd never been to before, even though i lived in Yorkshire for over 20 years. It's a big county! Sometimes we discover new venues when you guys suggest them, we always welcome a 'why dont you come and play at xxxxx?' We'll then give it a go! We'll always give it a go.

I did a rain dance a couple of days ago because my Acers were looking SO thirsty and my pond was shrinking. It worked, the rains came, but the blessing was mixed, some of the rain fell on trees and ponds, some came through the house roof and dripped into the kitchen. Never mind eh!

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